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  • Collaborate with your schools

  • Fulfill your transition core service requirements

  • Solutions for schools o fulfill their mandates

  • Earn revenue to support your services

  • Help fulfill your mission!

How it Works

OnRAMP keeps a small inventory of each curriculum on hand so when orders come in our goal is to have them shipped within 5-7 business days. However, if you are placing a large order, the shipping times may increase (up to 10 business days) due to working with our printer. Please communicate with OnRAMP staff for more specific shipping times if you are working with a specific timeline.

Two options:

  • Schools can simply purchase the virtual option (curriculum is self-explanatory with for teachers to implement).

  • The school can purchase it and have the CIL teach it. (For an additional fee, RAMP will train the CIL on how to teach the curriculum).

The CIL will promote the curriculum to their schools. RAMP will provide the CIL with a toolkit with what they need to sell it to their schools.  The school will go on and purchase the curriculum. The CIL will receive a % (to be determined) of the sale. CIL can either sell it as virtual curriculum (self-taught by school) or with the CIL teaching it (RAMP will train each for $125 or all 4 curriculum for $500.).

Process between RAMP and CIL:

  • RAMP will promote to other CILS via email, LinkedIn, social media, constant contact, etc.

  • If interested, CIL will complete a form requesting more information, possible meeting or confirming interest.

  • RAMP will send CIL a MOU Form that explains the process, the terms of the agreement, confirms the % of sale they will receive, the length of the agreement, the WIX subscription use, etc.

  • Once the MOU is signed, the CIL will receive the toolkit from RAMP (via email) and schedule training with the CIL (if that part is desired)

  • RAMP will be notified via Wix of sales made and contact CIL to inform them of the sale and process % of sale earned.

  • RAMP will monitor and notify CILS of additional purchases made or subscriptions ending.



iBelong is an interactive curriculum designed to provide elementary students a general overview of a variety of specific disabilities as well as to aid progression in social emotional learning and promote general inclusion for all into both the classroom and the community at large. Lessons start in kindergarten and build each year with deeper understanding and details through 5th grade.


Ignite is designed to teach adolescents and young adults (ages 12—16) with disabilities the skills necessary to become active participants in designing their futures. Through self-exploration, knowledge development and hands-on practice, the Ignite curriculum actively builds the mindset and skills necessary for students to become self-advocates. This self-advocacy training will benefit students in a variety of settings including their transition to high school, IEP meetings and Transition meetings.


T’NT is a curriculum designed by a center for independent living, in which employees with disabilities are the majority. The curriculum aims to prepare young adults (ages 16-22) with high incidence disabilities for employment, independent living, and post-secondary education.  The curriculum actively engages students in a variety of topics including: job training, soft skill development, mock interviews, housing, insurance, financial literacy, and community resources.

The T’NT program consists of 16 lessons designed to be taught during a 45 to 50 minute instructional period. Each lesson engages students in active, cross curricular learning through the use of a variety of instructional methods including multimedia presentations, online inventories, hands-on activities, class discussions, mock interviews, and small group work.


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