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Poverty Response

Poverty Response Training is a curriculum designed to train and inform Centers for Independent Living, businesses, organizations, and community members essentials about poverty. This training actively engages participants in a variety of relevant topics, including: scarcity mindset, trauma of poverty, systemic roots of poverty, and long-lasting effects of poverty on children and adults.


Includes:  PPT Presentation with notes, Instructor Guide, Accessible Guide, and any ancillary materials.


To help ensure that CILs who purchase this curriculum are equipped with the tools, resources and background knowledge to best lead and implement this training; any CIL who purchases the training must complete a 45 minute virtual training. Trainings will be arranged to fit the needs of your CIL and staff. Training must be completed prior to the kit being sent.


ONLY other CILs are able to purchase this training.

Poverty Response

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