Traditional T'NT Curriculum Bundle

The Traditional T'NT curriculum is classroom based, with hard copy workbooks and lessons designed for full class period (approx. 45 mins).


T’NT is a curriculum designed by a center for independent living, in which employees with disabilities are the majority. The curriculum aims to prepare young adults (ages 16-22) with high incidence disabilities for employment, independent living, and post-secondary education.  The curriculum actively engages students in a variety of topics including: job training, soft skill development, mock interviews, housing, insurance, financial literacy, and community resources.


The T’NT program consists of 16 lessons designed to be taught during a 45 to 50 minute instructional period. Each lesson engages students in active, cross curricular learning through the use of a variety of instructional methods including multimedia presentations, online inventories, hands-on activities, class discussions, mock interviews, and small group work.

One of the most successful features of the T’NT program is its ability to expand a student’s horizons, expectations, and community connections by inviting local businesses and community members into the classroom to share their personal and professional knowledge with the students.


T’NT Outcomes

During the 2019/2020 school year, the following outcomes were reported:

  • 85% of students increased their knowledge of independent living options;
  • 90% of students participated in mock interviews;
  • 87% of students increased their knowledge of post-secondary education and training opportunities;
  • 85% of students indicated a desire for future employment either during or post-high school. 

Meet State & Federal Regulations

T’NT is uniquely designed to meet the needs and fulfill the state and/or federal requirements of a variety of audiences.

  • T’NT helps public schools ensure they are successfully meeting both
    Indicator 13 and Transition Plan requirements as set forth in the
    IDEA 2004.
  • T’NT helps Centers for Independent Living (CILs) ensure they are meeting the 5th Core requirements regarding transition

Traditional T'NT Curriculum Bundle

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  • Teacher Manual, 10 Student Portfolios, and 1 Flash Drive featuring Lesson Plans, PowerPoint Presentations, Instructor Resources and Student Handouts

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