Virtual iBelong Curriculum Bundle

The Virtual iBelong curriculum is created for the remote/virtual learner, digital versions of workbook exercises, with shortened lessons to accommodate shortened schedules.


iBelong is an interactive curriculum designed to provide elementary students a general overview of a variety of specific disabilities as well as to aid progression in social emotional learning and promote general inclusion for all into both the classroom and the community at large. Lessons start in kindergarten and build each year with deeper understanding and details through 5th grade.


About iBelong

The iBelong program includes 10 lessons for kindergarten through 5th grade designed to be taught during a 30-minute instructional period. Each lesson engages students in active, multimodal learning, using media, games, books, hands-on activities, class discussion, and group/teamwork.


iBelong lessons present all material at an age-appropriate level, building from year-to-year on previous knowledge. American Sign Language is incorporated into each unit.


iBelong Outcomes

During the Fall of 2019, the following outcomes were reported:

  • 100% of classrooms reported an increase in awareness and acceptance of individual differences;
  • 100% of classrooms reported an increase in knowledge of terminology related to disability and acceptance;
  • 100% of classrooms reported an increase in the use of socially appropriate language; 
  • 100% of classrooms reported an increased comfort level in discussing disability related issues or own experiences as a result of iBelong.

Virtual iBelong Curriculum Bundle